Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept (POC) group  

POC Group Charter  

The POC group will recruit public and private sector entities to undertake Active Cyber Defence POCs with the following objectives;  

Create awareness of active cyber approaches, capabilities and benefits 
Develop a safe evaluation approach to demonstrate the value/effectiveness of Active Cyber Defence 
Increase awareness and understand of legal/regulatory/organisational implications 

The POC group may provide ACDA member resources on to these projects on a Pro Bono or cost recovery basis in accomplishing its tasks." 


      • Drive creation of one or more reference ACD instances

        • (1-5 POCs as a minimal charge for first one or two, thereafter cost recovery)

      • Canvas participation of public and private sector entities
      • Engage adopters to deliver POC
      • Define & Design (Could include research input)
      • Legal assurance (ACDA members legal input with adopter's counsel)
      • Deploy & Operate  (Could include research input)
      • Analyse learnings  (Could include research input)
      • Report and publish  (Could include research input)