Who is the Active Cyber Defence Alliance?


Aims and Intentions.

The Active Cyber Defence Alliance (ADCA) is a special interest group whose aim is to foster awareness, adoption and capability in Active Cyber Defence practices across Australia with the goal of lifting Australia's cyber resilience.

Our intention is to draw together professionals from both supply and demand side along with academic, legal and regulatory stakeholders who will jointly act to support active cyber defence initiatives and to influence policy and practices for the benefit of our community rather than the explicit interests of their organisation.

What we mean by "Active Cyber Defence".

Active Cyber Defence employs cyber intelligence, deception and active threat hunting to expose, elicit and affect malicious actors more effectively than is possible with "Passive Cyber Defence" which relies on conventional cyber security practices such as network hygiene, firewalls, virus filters, identity & access controls and good user behaviour etc.

By itself, "Passive Cyber Defence" has proven to be ineffective against sophisticated attacks. "Active Cyber Defence" excludes "Offensive Cyber" actions which are the sole domain of authorised government agencies, although it could include mechanisms to coordinate potential responses by such agencies.


The ACDA is currently an informal affiliation of interested parties.  Participation in the Alliance is open to individuals and organisations of good standing who wish to prosecute the aims and intentions of the Alliance.  Currently there is no membership fee, however, where costs are incurred, participants may make contributions to cover these.

The following diagram provides the context of Active Cyber Defence as compared to traditional Passive Defence and Offence. The ACDA seeks to improve the awareness of existing legal controls and counter measures available to organisations in the Grey Zone.

Grey Zone diagram.

Original released by George Washington University under Creative Commons 4.0 here - adapted for the ACDA. 

Active Cyber Defence grey area diagram